Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Recap Pt 2: Sounds on the Margins

An event brought to you by the Institute of Texan Cultures, highlighting the sounds of a marginalized people in south Texas. The event featured live vocal performances from Mexican Stepgrandfather and Vocab, a live DJ set by JJ Lopez, and the sounds of Bombasta had everyone getting out of their museum seats to dance about it. People of all ages attended and plans are in the works for a future installment of Sounds on the Margins...

graphic courtesy of The Institute of Texan Cultures: In Association with the Smithsonian Institution

I had the opportunity to speak with the artists over how they feel about their art. Linked below are the sounds of the artists describing the sound of their music and the importance of this artistic cultural expression represented internationally at the Institute.. 


Mari Hernandez

Roberto Livar

Andrea Sanderson

Marco Cervantes

  • Catch Marco Cervantes performing and recording with Third Root
  • Roberto Livar performing with Bombasta
  • Mari Hernandez of the Mas Rudas art collective establishing their residency at The Institute of Texan Cultures on August 16th.
  • The sounds of Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson can be heard on Soundcloud, for sale at Amazon, and all over San Antonio

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Recap Pt 1: Chicano Soul

Chicano Soul recap!

Last weekend marked the closing of the Chicano Soul exhibit at the South Texas Pop Culture Center. With a panel moderated by Sarah Gould, the group explored and discussed contemporary music in a post-WWII San Antonio. Highlighting the teenage rock 'n' roll movement, low-rider car culture, the importance and global influence of chicano soul, the panelists also engaged in questions from the audience on the record labels, radio scene of the '60s and '70s, and chicano music today.


Jim Beal

Ramon Hernandez
JJ Lopez
Ernie Garibay
Sarah Gould
Alex Larotta
and more...

Special thanks to Sarah Gould and Michael Ann Coker.

TX Pop

graphic courtesy of South Texas Pop Culture Center