Monday, February 3, 2014

LARGECOMM x Puro Pinche: The Art of Street Design

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I contributed a quick recap of UTSA's College of Architecture Art of Street Design Lecture. Authors John Massengale and Victor Dover presented their new book Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns:

Art of Street Design
Street Design Lecture - Victor Dover
Victor Dover, AICP

Q & A

I approached the authors with an inquiry concerning public transportation in San Antonio. Though plans are in motion for a multimodal transit center on San Antonio’s West Side, our current bus system is the singular option for public transit.
Funding for a light rail has been down-voted on a number of occasions, but would the development of an alternative system, such as a rail, be seen as inevitable in pushing us towards a multimodal transit city?
In Dover’s reply he emphasized that the first order of business should be defining precise parameters for the terms rapid transit, streetcar, light rail, and bus, with a clear distinction of each mode’s function. Ultimately agreeing that we should seek to expand transportation to as many modes as possible, residents can begin to envision a new city.

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