Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Writing Lab at Gemini Ink

Post Spring Break Recap
- With more free time available during the semester I've taken on hosting a writing lab at local literary center Gemini Ink.
- I see writing as a form of activism - I'm concerned with political activism, community organizing - and in the writing lab we engage the "Active Imagination." Poet Melissa Kwasny introduced this term during a reading last fall at Bihl Haus Arts. Inspired by mystic Sufi poetry, she takes the idea of the image further, deeper, deepening into a vision, ultimately arriving at the center of a "visionary recital" wherein we all play a part, bearing witness to a world actively, creatively occurring around us.
- Each class begins with a brief introduction to "Active Imagination" followed by a prompt.

See below for writing laboratory info. Hope to see you at Gemini Ink (111 Navarro St, San Antonio, TX, 78205). Spread the word!
Free coffee and a warm place to write—join Gemini Ink and see where your words will take you.
Unlike a formal workshop, writing labs are a time and space to write in a group setting. Share your work in progress. Get encouragement and feedback from fellow writers. As a member, you can participate in as many member-led writing labs as you like.
Open Writers
Share your works-in-progress in this peer-driven workshop.
Hosted by Dario Beniquez
Last Monday of every month, 6:30–8pm, Ongoing
Writing as Activism
Engage your creative imagination.
Hosted by Rene Jaime Gonzalez
Tuesdays, Mar 3-May 5, 2–4pm
Writing for Young Readers
Make time to scribble that story for your child, or your inner child.
Hosted by Lisa Cortez Walden
Thursdays, Mar 5-May 7, 12–1:30pm
Voice Lab
Explore many genres of writing and build your voice in a focused, supportive environment.
Hosted by Julia Jarrell
Fridays, Mar 6-May 1, 9:30am–1pm
Non-members are welcome to come check out one FREE session.  Register by emailing lcortezwalden@gmail.com.

Member Writing Labs