Thursday, August 8, 2013

Downtown Blog x Diego Bernal

A Downtown Blog Event : A Conversation with Diego Bernal

graphic courtesy of the downtown blog

A first time event hosted at the Filling Station Cafe and Tap Room quickly packed inside with eager citizens in their chairs and latecomers finding standing room only. Olivo and Bernal covered topics on the revitalization of Alamo Plaza, the production of Via's proposed streetcar routes, and development at the Joske's building. Bernal gave his personal input and the city's stance on the issues.

You check out the full conversation here!

I had the chance to ask them both a few questions..

 - Ben Olivo of the Downtown Blog

  • Ben Olivo heads the downtown blog at a time when the downtown scene is experiencing rejuvenation. He reports on a number of issues and concerns - from street alignments to restaurant openings to the museum reach - he covers it all.

Community at Large: I've been following the blog since 2010 around the launch of SA2020. When did the site kick off and how long have you been involved?

Downtown Blog:  

CL: Was there a motive or inspiration for reporting on the history, urban planning, and social dynamic of downtown?


CL: Any more events or special features that we can expect in the near future?


- District 1 Councilman Diego Bernal

  • Diego Bernal ran unopposed this year for his seat as district councilman. Be on the lookout for plans of a newly reconfigured San Pedro Springs Park.

Community at Large: After studying sociology and law at the University of Michigan, you returned to San Antonio pursuing music - studio production, live performance, even establishing a record label. What turned you in the direction of working for the city?

Diego Bernal:

CL: With district 1 boundaries extending from Southtown all the way up to the airport you face a unique set of challenges concerning a host of issues. How do these issues define or set you apart as a councilman?


CL: In collaboration with PASA, you created X Marks the Art which features pop-up art installations in vacant storefronts and properties downtown. With the next round of artists coming up, what can we we expect to see?


Ben Olivo works and writes for the SA Express-News

Diego Bernal can be found engaging communities all over District 1.