Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mas Rudas presents... Ruda Phat

On display at UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures...

- Mas Rudas presents Ruda Phat - 

Mas Rudas continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional notions of art, this time finding comfort in the uncomfortable. Ruda Phat is a look at how the female body is represented, examining our perceptions of that portrayal. 

In these realities comes a stark message, a profound reminder in accepting the contours of your physical self.

I had time to speak with the women of Mas Rudas about their identity as a collective, past exhibits, and future endeavors...

Community at Large: As established artists in your own right, what brought you together to express your art collectively?

Mas Rudas:

CL: "Mas Rudas" - can you give us some info on the meaning of the name and what it is to you.


CL: Not only are you presenting your perspective as Chicanas, but also bringing a critique of that experience. Would you say that this critique is the motivation or premise for your artwork?


CL:  In December, while video recording at the Alamo, you were ejected on terms of your presentation was considered out of the norm.
What was this norm in violation during your performance?


CL: There is often a divide in Mexican-American culture in regards to California and Texas - Cali-Mex vs. Tex-Mex, Spurs vs. Lakers, etc.
Can you describe your residency experience at Slanguage in LA?


CL: In December, you landed an installation titled Brown Style for the Window Works series at Artpace.
With their international artist-in-residence program in the spotlight, how did it feel having your work on display?


CL: What's next for Mas Rudas?



  • ruda phat: Aug 17 - Dec 1
  • future curation is scheduled for Mexic-Arte Musuem in Austin at the YLA annual exhibition 2014
  • sarah castillo has opened her own LADY BASE gallery @ 1913 south flores
  • kristin gamez
  • ruth buentello