Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writing as Activism Prompt: April 14

April 14: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Reading material
    Break on Through, Abbot Kinney (The Baffler)
    Is Sculley Committed to Our Future? (San Antonio Express-News)
    Seventh Largest City and Little to Show for It (SA Express-News)
    Gentrified East Side (SA Current)
    Roots of Economic Segregation (Christine Drennon)
  • Sunbelt City
    - major industries are car dealerships, tourism/hospitality/service, highways
    - Pew Research Center reported San Antonio as the most economically segregated major metropolitan area
  • Quest to serve or sell San Antonio?
    - marketed as a cheap labor town
  • So long, Mission Trails
    - displacement of residents prompted Mayor's Task Force on Preserving Dynamic and Diverse Neighborhoods
    - economic development, revitalization, for whom?
    - city of SA currently has no dislocation policy in place
  • Segregated school districts
    - history of segregation by property tax and racial restrictions in housing deeds in inner city

Writing Prompt:
  • Which side of the tracks do you come from? Write the perspective of your city as you see it through your creative lens