Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Writing as Activism Prompt: April 21

April 21: Wanderlust
  • Reading Material
    - Story of the Gypsies also known as Gypsies: Their Life, Lore, and Legends (Konrad Bercovici)
    Gypsies in the United States (Smithsonian Institution Education)
  • Americans travelling abroad
    - psychological impedance promulgated by mainstream news media outlets
  • Gypsies
    - Power structures of an irrational nature (seeking to dominate) have always looked for a societal scapegoat. For many centuries the Gypsies were the cause to blame of the larger western hemisphere.
    - "Where do the gypsies come from?" Where do the swallows come from? I am speaking of a people whose vocabulary lacks two words - possession and duty. You...cannot fathom what would happen to your own life if these two boundaries were to disappear."
    - To get "gypped"
    - Gypsy blood
  • Persecution of the homeless
    - Ordinances such as prohibiting sleeping in public

Writing Prompt:
  • Sedentary or nomadic? Describe what keeps you rooted or what moves you to spread your wings