Sunday, May 31, 2015

MC - Master this Craft (Flashback)

What would it be to be an emcee? Spoken word, written June 2008.

Trying to M-master this C-craft. Making it mine
Trying to...
Use these freestyle skills to pay my bills
Converting poetry into currency
A penny for my thoughts
For these inscriptions moving through time
For my two cents
Can I get a dime?
Emcees spitting their dope rhymes
Producers getting mental with their ill instrumentals:
J-Dilla. No I.D. Y Not. Pete Rock. 9th Wonder. MF Doom. The Ummah.
Oh ma. I mean oh my...
God, why am I struggling?
By any means
By all means
I'm using, you're losing.
I mean I'm
Trying to be an emcee
This isn't my usual s-t-y-l-e
Steelo. Steez. Steezo.
Jazo-O before he was Jay-Z
Riding high with Faze-O
These ryhmes are just coming to me
What would my pitch be?
To get my rhyme across
Life after line
On an on
Getting this down 'til the P.M. dawn
Yo, it's not my place
to be writing raps, keeping pace
But with this pen and journal
Something comes from within,
it's internal.
Eternal. Infernal.
An inferno I'm throwing
at you
from my mind
caught up with flowing
Getting low, down
From the subterrain
I'm doing my best to explain
That I couldn't walk up in a room and flow like
Rakim, Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Prodigy, Cannabis, Guru, Notorious B.I.G., the M-O-S D-E-Finitely,
That's not me, you see,
as a Master of Ceremony
The artist formerly known as Common Sense I'd use for defense
against a lyric attack
from Inspectah Deck or Gza Genius on the track
Kool G Rap got my back
With Raekwon I'd take on
Make noise with the Beastie Boys
Protect my own against Nasir Jones
So you can feel the wrath of Big Daddy Kane
That's how I'd take it to what's out there
Off air
How sweet the sound
I'd come from the underground