Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Writing as Activism Prompt: May 5 (Last Session)

It was a pleasure, a thrill to host this writing lab at Gemini Ink. Thank you to Gemini Ink for allowing full creative/artistic freedom on this project. Thank you to the "regulars" - Amanda, Haley, and Jonathan - and to all other family and friends for making time to attend class. Thanks to all those out there on the world wide web for following along.

Amanda and Haley will be conducting their own writing workshop in the summer. Will post with updates.

Our last class was cancelled in lieu of the Gemini Ink Big Give S.A. all day reading session. The prompt is posted below. As always, stay tuned and spread the word.

May 5: Revolutions

  • Reading Material
    Lapham's Quarterly Spring 2014 Issue (Featured Text)
    - Political
    - Technological
  • Additional Reading Material
    - Revolutions in Reverse (David Graeber)
  • Common thoughts
    - Scientific definition, heliocentric
    - Revolution as uprising, insurrection
  • 20th Century Legacy
    - Spanish "Civil War" and Anarchism
    - Student movements quelled by state violence and repression
    - "...because we've always moved in the field of morality and love while people have been politically jiving with our lives. And the question is, how do we now move politically and stop trying to move morally? You can't move morally against a man like [that]. You've got to move politically to put them out of business.
    We must begin to think politically and see if we can have the power to impose and keep the moral values that we hold on high. We must question the values of this society..." - Stokely Carmichael
    - Saul Alinsky, community organizing and understanding different modes of power, referent power to people power to political power to legal power. Communities Organized for Public Service (COPS) in San Antonio largely reflects the Alinsky model
  • Revolutions in Reverse
    - David Graeber collection of essays explains the cycle of social revolutions occurring from people protest in the streets - creating institutions reflective of mission - establishing social relations to maintain institutions, now appears, establishing social relations - creating institutions - people protest in the streets