Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Art of Eavesdropping: Notes on the Makers

The "makers" of San Antonio, posted up at a bar a friend once called "Brooklyn Nights":

Sounds like he might have changed the song himself. Singing along to the popular melody of "Mary Jane" by Rick James, underground classic no doubt. Bartender plays along with the chord changes. But there's only so much oil in the ground, councilman. You missed the message in the music, Tower of Power. Too bad, councilman.

Councilman went to Keystone high school, he says. Not so near to east side. Left town for college. Still, visions of MLK march dance in his head: Up from the south, the homeless, disabled, wounded warriors march. From the west, the latinos march. Down from up north, the LGBTQ march. Deep from the east black folk march. Interfaith march from...some other point in town.

Multiple marches...segregation...? And the corporate commissaries? From which direction will they march, councilman?

After march, TED talks during the day. Concerts at night. All in the name of peace, prosperity, diversity, and opportunity. Opportunity was keyword. Left out autonomy. Pitch it to major news networks. Plans to make it on CNN. Drone cameras. Largest march in country is not enough. Passé topic. Downtown march, close down streets. Converging on La Villita, Hemisfair. Philanthropic effort or Business pitch?

The other from Central Catholic. Never a Marianist. Doing business in the backroom, behind closed doors.

A Tech operative enters the frame. Said he had a problem with organized religions. Boasting. Logic class in college, debate on whether religion was a force of good in the world. Catholic school burnouts turned atheists.