Friday, February 19, 2016

Gemini Ink Writing Lab - Week #1 - The Classroom

Engaging the Active Imagination: Writing as Activism

Writing prompt
  • Write the vision that comes to mind for your ideal classroom


We blame the teachers. We blame the parents. We blame the students. We blame the unions. We blame the principals. We blame until there's no one left to blame. Cancel the art classes. Cancel the music funding. Cancel the field trips. Drive the career. Drive the examinations. Drive the promise of debt. Horde as many young people as we can into the confines of social isolation so that they feel they can't connect with anyone. This is what we've done. How many years of dropouts by the multitude before we admit what we've created isn't working, where kids are sent off and packed in and shuffled about and tracked like heads of cattle in what is shaped like prison? And now with this knowing, this knowledge, of our faults, what can we do to heal? To heal the community? What will it take to place the education in the hands of the community? But I can only speak from a distance, for all I know comes from being raised in the church. And even then, the doctrine and dogma of the clergy leaves many feeling jaded with the notion of "faith", turning into Catholic school burnouts. But the nurturing, oh, how the nurturing is there (present).