Friday, February 26, 2016

Gemini Ink Writing Lab - Week #2 - Letters

Engaging the Active Imagination: Writing as Activism

Writing prompt
  • Write a letter to someone, alive or dead, or to something, past or present


Letter Addressed to the San Antonio River Authority

To Whom It May Concern,

We, the people, hereby file a formal complaint against the developers of the Blue Star - Big Tex apartments for obstructing the viewshed of the San Antonio River, its walking/biking trail, and its riparian zone. For decades the afternoon-to-evening daylight has nourished the river banks replete with cypress trees, sunflowers, and other lush foliage. For generations our families have cast out lines from our fishing poles to reap the sustenance this river brings us. We have consulted our beloved sun, we have listened to the wilting leaves on the aging trees, we have conducted in-house community meetings, we have conversed with our affluent neighbors to the north who own river-front property and we have come to this conclusion: The architecture of this development bears no resemblance to the cultural characteristics of our beloved city, it holds no likeness to the lifestyle of the river's inhabitants, and gives no inspiration to the thousands of visitors meandering along the river banks. Each year, at the beginning of each season with weather permitting, we are blessed with an abundance of sunbeams that bring a natural energy to the fish, the birds, the insects, the greenery, the winds along the surface, carrying with them the natural flow of life. All of these natural elements are surely, and sorely, to suffer, with the current state of development with its gospel of urban density that has come to plague our blessed river. Therefore, to the authority, we deliver our demands as follows: We demand these structures be razed, without polluting the surround environment, and rebuilt with ceilings no higher than one and a half stories. And if this is not within the means of the authority to execute, then we demand the artists of our community be commissioned to decorate the exterior walls of this development with murals illustrating the peoples' history of our beloved river...