Friday, March 11, 2016

Gemini Ink Writing Lab - Week #4 - Human Nature

Engaging the Active Imagination: Writing as Activism

Writing prompt
  • Write what's in your human nature


Forgive and forget, so the old saying goes. But what of the capacity to forgive and remember? Get over it <---- this is what we're told when hung up, caught up, on some burning memory that we can't seem to let go or undo or make right. We turn this memory into an event or an occasion or a landmark and give it so much weight we become the burden-laden oxen dragging along this old happening across the field of ______. How often is the feeling to return, we don't know. Whether it appears as its old self or takes place in a new form, we don't know. How could we forget what is now a part of our human nature? How could we disregard any experience that has made us, has brought us to who we are today, right here, right now?

(when we forgive we don't become the hardened stone)

And if all it is is a memory, a moment passing, what is there to grasp, to hold against someone? Forgiving the faults of our human nature is forgiving the actions of an unrealized self. Blame is cast aside. Shame has no place. Can we admit we were all learning? We were going to do what we set out to do. Again, when the memory returns, can we withhold our reactions and forgive ourselves and others for our actions and theirs? Can we drop the harsh command of "get over it" and replace it with something deeper, more caring, more nurturing? We must forgive. We must "overcome it" and face remembrance in the ever-present mirror of now.