Friday, March 4, 2016

Gemini Ink Writing Lab - Week #3 - Circles

Engaging the Active Imagination: Writing as Activism

Writing prompt
  • Write what in your life has come full circle or what seems to be spiraling out of control


I see the circles in my life, the curving lines as a path created by my energy field, leaving in their wake all the past lifetimes of adventures and misadventures, of turn-ons and hang-ups, of fallings out and rebirths, and I would how much I would be held responsible for. I see cycles within the circles, running perpendicular to each other. Occurrence is an understatement. They don't merely occur for me, it seems I have to crash into this intersection of action and energy, or maybe because I am spinning I am hurled into the situation. A discomforting collision bringing with it a chance for enlightenment, for awareness to blossom, to be reborn. But I have to catch it. How long have the cycles been returning and when can I hope to break free of the ones weighing heavy on my soul, on my mind, on my body? And I have, through release, letting go of the illusion of control. What's so shocking about the collision is when the mirror is held before me by hands that are not my own. I look deep and I see what is not to be, and I see what is and I see the chance to move forward and complete the circle, in eternity. I take action and I see the cycles dissolve, the ones that are not of well-being and balance and love. What takes their place of detriment? Nothing. No thing in its place. Instead, the circles begin to unlock and widen ever further, reaching beyond what the complacent cycles had lead me to believe. The circles deepen and become a reservoir of wisdom and company and conviction and patience. I remain patient and wait and live for the next circle to begin.